Starbase Global Logistics Awarded FMC License

Toronto – 2009.08.25 Earlier today Starbase Global Logistics received notice from Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) that the company’s application for FMC license has been successfully approved. –

To achieve this, Starbase Global Logistics had to satisfy numerous strict conditions, including posting a bond as insurance to guarantee ocean Carriers freight amounts that will be collected from Shippers.

“Those Shippers and Carriers that value dependable supply chains will find a real benefit from added security offered by the FMC licensed Freight Forwarder such as us” comments Starbase Global Logistics owner and general manager, “Very few things exceed the frustration of a Shipper and Carrier lawsuit that is caused by an unlicensed Freight Forwarder that went out of business.”

“The FMC license is a physical testament of independence, prudence, and quality that Starbase Global Logistics stands for,” he adds. “We say we provide great value and service and we actually deliver on our promise!”

Starbase Global Logistics is an experienced, Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) authorized, Third Party Logistics provider, and Licensed Customs Broker, specializing in: Air, Ocean, and Ground Transportation, Customs Clearance, Warehouse Management, including complete Order Fulfillment capability. For more information, please visit today.

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