Improved Efficiency with Customs Broker License

Charleston – 2009.10.28 Following thorough review, Starbase Global Logistics has been licensed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection earlier today, as a Customs Broker under the provisions of the Tariff Act of the 1930.

Shippers significantly benefit from the services of a licensed customs broker. From decreased costs associated with hiring or training specialized customs staff, to increased revenues by freeing up time that can be better invested into the shipper’s main revenue-generating activities.

Still there are other crucial considerations that lead to even greater advantages that come into play when hiring a third party logistics provider with direct customs clearance capability.

“Now we deliver more benefits than either a traditional freight forwarder or a customs broker can each provide separately” says Starbase Global Logistics owner and general manager. “Our clients get an advantage of a single point of contact for all shipping and customs needs, which saves them tremendous amounts of time and is incredibly convenient.”

For shippers the ability to move goods across borders even faster is not only critical to the overall supply chain but also serves as a source of a definite competitive advantage over the competition. Starbase Global Logisticsoptimizes the ability to service multiple client requirements under one roof by offering a one stop shop to solve all shipper freight forwarding and customs clearance related needs simultaneously.

Starbase Global Logistics is an experienced, Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) authorized, Third Party Logistics provider, and Licensed Customs Broker, specializing in: Air, Ocean, and Ground Transportation, Customs Clearance, Warehouse Management, including complete Order Fulfillment capability. For more information, please visit today.

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