All Kids Have a Right To Play

Toronto – 2010.01.11 Recognizing the importance of physical activity and the positive effect that sports and playing has on the future of kids, Starbase Global Logistics is choosing to support ‘Right To Play’, a charitable organization committed to transforming lives of children in impoverished countries through the power of organized athletics.

Harsh conditions, such as disease, war, and poverty, command those who are unfortunate enough to have been born into them without any choice, into a vicious circle of suffering. Physically weak and easily impressionable kids become obvious targets of malevolent forces that constantly need new recruits.

And while it could be challenging to instantly remove those root causes due to deeply polarized social, political, and economical environments, it is possible to nurture a strong outlook early on in life of many potential victims, to ensure those future negative influences are withstood.

“Right To Play organizes activities that teach children important values of life while they perform the quintessential activity of the childhood: Playing,” says Starbase Global Logistics owner and general manager. “Our charity better equips them physically and builds their key traits such as will power, exemplified to them by strong positive role models that work with the organization.”

“The importance of a safe place for children to learn and develop hope that is vital for them to see and fulfill a better future can be hardly understated,” he adds “Starbase Global Logistics is proud to play its part in the disadvantaged communities.”

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