New Trailer Expands Overall Asset Mix

Toronto – 2010.05.15 This spring season, Starbase Global Logistics is creating some very exciting exposure. A new trailer marked with novel company branding has been launched on the North American roads.

Despite an award-worthy design that following the artwork’s successful performance in a local advertising competition is expected to turn into an award-winning one, this exciting event is more than just about branding. It is a strong commitment to a strategy of also being an asset based 3PL company, which can truly deliver its clients a quality service for a competitive price.

An asset based logistics provider has an advantage of offering service-producing equipment sourced from its ownership rather than through an outside vendor. Thus bringing personable level of customer service that is controlled in a much better way, because potential negligence, which could possibly arise when a broker hires an unknown operator, is removed.

For shippers receiving transportation services from a company which controls its physical assets directly, there are explicit benefits of notable cost-efficiency. By removing a middle man, shippers pay less for the same service that would come at a 10-30% premium, otherwise added by the intermediary as its compensation.

Finally there is an advantage of greater security associated with entrusting shipments into the hands of a firm which holds its physical assets. Such a company typically conducts business with better care to avoid any claims against its valuable property.

On the other hand Starbase Global Logistics excels over any asset-based and non-asset based 3PL company because it has the ability to provide services of both of these business models depending on what is the best way for the freight to be shipped. Starbase Global Logistics owns the necessary assets to move cargo requiring efficient regional delivery, as well as serves as a remote freight forwarder for those shipments that need a third party transportation approach.

“By offering our clients best of both worlds,” says Starbase Global Logistics owner. “We provide the right service for any job at the right price!”

Starbase Global Logistics is an experienced, Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) authorized, Third Party Logistics provider, and Licensed Customs Broker, specializing in: Air, Ocean, and Ground Transportation, Customs Clearance, Warehouse Management, including complete Order Fulfillment capability. For more information, please visit today.

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