Starbase Global Logistics is an experienced, Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) authorized, Third Party Logistics provider, and Licensed Customs Broker, specializing in:

  • Air, Ocean, and Ground Transportation
  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehouse Management, including complete Order Fulfillment capability

These services are indispensable when managing flow of goods within the North American supply chain because there are literally thousands of different facilities and carriers offering tens of thousands of distinct services. Due to its extensive experienced relationships and a well-developed database of industry contacts, Starbase Global Logistics makes the process of securing the right carrier, warehouse or equipment quite easy with one-stop shopping.

The Company is led by seasoned industry professionals, plus supported by a devoted group of associates, and equally reliable network of international partners. Currently, the company is physically represented in:

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Charleston, USA
  • Wilmington, USA
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Europe (EU)
  • Asia Pacific (ASPAC)
  • Australia
  • South America

The Starbase Global Logistics team shares well over 250 years of collective supply chain experience. We accurately determine every client need and expectation, and focus on the right way to meet them. That’s why over the years, we have both helped and kept many excellent Clients.

Starbase Global Logistics VALUES

While focusing on social responsibility and involvement in the community, the following principles guide its main business principles and commercial philosophy:

Independence – Starbase is fully independent from any network or agency affiliation, allowing more flexibility and responsiveness to all your needs no matter how big, small, or medium they are and whether you’re shipping either just one load or years worth of inventory.

Prudence – Best ideas and companies can fail because of mismanagement and negligent spending. We take great care of our Clients’ and our own resources, consistently monitoring and ensuring all costs and expenditures are precisely timed and well negotiated. Prudent procurement is Starbase Global Logistics specialty.

Quality – All our services consist of a nuanced combination of factors that we perform with passion to meet and exceed all our Clients’ expectations. From our first call and initial briefing with a Shipper to selection and due diligence on the Carriers’ equipment and paperwork – We Deliver!

Starbase Global Logistics management and team of associates are noted for their keen grasp of supply chain management and sureness of their logistics solutions. By presenting these services, Starbase Global Logistics is determined to provide Shipping Managers with offerings that fit the way they ship goods and commodities – locally, nationally, and worldwide.