While Starbase Global Logistics was established in 2009, our story began more than a quarter century before that, in 1984 by our current management talent. Over the course of their operations, Starbase managers have worked hard to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. Thus, the Company has developed an extensive network of clients, primarily consisting of medium volume shippers from key places around the world.

In addition to service integrity, what continually has been helping Starbase Management to secure and hold on to repeat international business is the favourable geographical location of its corporate headquarters in the Canadian economic capital of Toronto. Because it’s based in Canada, it is quite often overlooked as the gateway to the north central United States. But please keep in mind:

  • Toronto is comfortably linked by miles of high speed and very efficient Canadian railroads with ocean seaports on both the east and west coasts
  • it sits at the core of the Great Lakes system in the heart of the North American continent
  • all providing incredibly easy accessibility from the Atlantic via the St. Lawrence Seaway

Significantly, Toronto is a strategic logistics hub for getting the goods to a market of 79 million people, or approximately 15% of total North American population, in less than a day from the exact time of cargo vessel unloading. Taking into account:

  • 500 mile radius, which is the approximate daily travel distance permitted for a single truck driver by the North American law
  • Starbase Global Logistics associated bonded warehouse system, in which the goods travelling to the USA can pass through Canada without customs clearance implications

Allowing us prompt access to the following heavily populated destination markets:

New York
Fort Wayne


Our customers benefit from the speed and efficiency provided by our unique strategic advantage. As the chronic bottlenecks on the United States railways and the American east coast ports continue, using intensive Starbase Global Logistics routes will get your freight to any north central USA destination faster, easier and generally even more cost-effectively.

Let our experts demonstrate how Our Strategic Advantage can assist your next shipping assignment. Please request your next shipping quote today!